Clients Reviews
  • Jen Watt


    Okenweb was AMAZING! They helped me figure out my SEO glitches within minutes! Thanks to them in i can rest easy tonight knowing my web page is back up now & running successfully! THANK YOU!

  • Mary O'Dowd

    New York, USA

    I was having a lot of difficulty making some update to our eCommerce store and WIX provides no support to a person who is not technologically savvy. Needless to say I was very annoyed and not necessarily a fan of WIX. I did call Okenweb who responded quickly and addressed my problem immediately. I highly recommend them to help you solve WIX problems.

  • Tanor Costa

    Rhode Island, USA

    Professional quality work. Communication with Okenweb is very easy, he is always quick to respond, and the creative ideas that he can bounce off of you and vice versa are essential for a perfect product. Highly recommend.

  • Douglas Panero

    New York, USA

    Really happy working with this company. they got a great touch and design sense; This team a problem solver, they listen, and seems to be available 24/7.

  • Aris Ramish

    California, USA

    By far the best web design team I have worked with Okenweby is always there for you very professional and knows what it takes to make a great website I would recommend any company big or small to go to them. Worth every penny and some Thank you!

  • Kevin Cross

    Connecticut, USA

    Okenweb was great to work with! He listens!!! We talked about what I needed. I gave him some examples. I sent him some examples of my work. We talked, we emailed, he asked for some ideas for"text" for specific areas.

  • Michael Girvin

    Pennsylvania, USA

    Okenweb is professional, easy going and very knowledgeable at what he does. He took my website from what looked like from 1980's and updated it to the best website I could have imagined. I am so happy with his service. He is quick, and a man of his word. When he says it will be done on Tuesday, it was done on Tuesday. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend using his services.

  • Richard Driscoll

    New Hampshire, USA

    This team is is the "real deal". They created a web-site for me that immediately captured the eye of a Chief Commercial Officer, potential new client! Okenweb's creativity is amazing! The patience and professionalism is top notch! I highly recommend Okenweb for your next web-site. It will be an experience your clients will never forget!

  • Corinth Harryson

    New York, USA

    Professional , Patient and passionate are some of the words that I would best describe Okenweb. My experience with Okenweb over the past couple years has been amazing. They took my dream and turned it into life, He took my ideas and turned it into reality. Once again thank you for an excellent job. A++.

  • Sandra Lefebvre

    Montreal - Quebec - Canada

    Great idea man, keeps pushing the envelope, able to create what you want, flexible and very human. Okenweb is a company that makes all the difference in marketing. He took care of every aspect of the plan and made it a real thing. From Website, logo, business card concept, Facebook, SEO - and a bunch of other related items.

  • Bill Abelkop

    Various Locations, USA

    I would like others to be aware of the superb capabilities of Okenweb. The team listened to what we were trying to accomplish; Okenweb applied his knowledge and experience to helping enhance our website; and Okenweb did what he said he would do - in a timely manner and for a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Okenweb to help create, enhance and support ones website.

  • Lynn Johnson

    Minnesota, USA

    Seven short days ago we met when I posted a request on the WIX Arena. I've been a WIX customer since 2012 when our website was put together by a family member. Since then, I've "tinkered" with it from time to time with little success. In that one week period our website has gone from a collection of images and copy that did not excite our viewers to something that is now alive and interactive. The original layout was also not optimized for mobile devices. We are thrilled with the result.

  • Eliana Wittels

    New York, USA

    I can not speak more highly of Okenweb. From the moment I met them, The team was always was extremely professional and beyond talented in the field of web design.

  • Ash K. Williams

    Massachusetts, USA

    Okenweb is very professional and created a very professional site for me. They worked in a short time frame and daily responded to my edits and requests.

  • Dawn Chartoff

    New York, USA

    Okenweb is the Best! In a couple of hours he redesigned my website I was so happily surprised. He is so caring and working with him is so easy. I recommend him to everyone. Thank you so much Okenweb!

  • Blade

    Arizona, USA

    I wanted another eye for my site and Okenweb was just that. He made it completely functional. Money well spent.

  • Clarissa Gulyas

    Pennsylvania, USA

    Working with you was a very smooth, quick and efficient process. You always replied to any emails or phone calls promptly, which was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend colleagues, friends and family for your services. Thank you, again!

  • Jeanne Beck

    New York, USA

    Okenweb is extremely knowledgeable, personable and caring. He listens, shares his knowledge and makes sure he understands what you are asking him to do before he makes changes. He is organized and follows through and helped my site get up and running smoothly. Thanks!

  • Chef Lembe

    New York, USA

    Okenweb has been beyond extraordinary. He knows his craft and industry. He is efficient, patience and fast. He delivered the site in 2 days as promised. He really was extra patient with my novice questions and suggestions. He took on the project as if it were his. Made suggestions on how to go about it. He delivered! Thank you Okenweb, like I said am forever grateful that I met you. You made this dream come to pass. Blessings.

  • Christina Vaughan

    Virginia, USA

    It was a pleasure working with you and the website looks 100% percent better you were very professional and I can't wait to work with you again . Thank you

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